Sunday, May 05, 2013

Bukenya is a glimmer of light under the tunnel of M7's hegemony in Uganda!

The irony of professor Gilbert Bukenya's challenge to M7 is that Bukenya was one of the various Vice Presidents M7 has hand picked over the course of his perpetual 27 years in power.

Which begs the question, what took the former VP so long to realize the emperor has been running around with no clothes on?

This is either the smartest political scheme, the NRM has devised to cling to power or M7's hegemony is finally bearing the weight of his overextended stay in power!

As a challenger, professor Bukenya has considerable experience and knowledge not only of M7's government but also an insider knowledge of M7's strength & weaknesses!

M7 will be hard pressed to patronize Bukenya the way he decimated Otunnu in the 2011 campaign by accusing the distinguished former UN ambassador of staying outside the country while he, M7, was liberating the country.

The saddest legacy of M7's overextended stay in power is the bankrupting effect it has had on Uganda's capacity for leadership talent.

How can a nation of over thirty million people lack the capacity to come up with smart and able leadership talent to challenge M7's 30 year uninterrupted stay in power, in a democracy?

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