Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Uganda needs the leverage of innovation, synergy & diversity in leadership to reach its fullest potential.

"Innovation, in the end, is far bigger than any one big idea" - Fareed Zakaria

When innovation occurs, change happens. Similarly, when change occurs, things adapt to the change in the form of innovation.

Uganda hasn't had a democratic change in leadership in more than 27 years, which means we are under utilizing our capacity to innovate.

M7's 27 year reign has created a majority of uncreative fanatical fawning followers that are deferential toward his delusional omnipotence; instead of a majority of independent minded innovators willing to challenge his overextended stay in power.

No single leader in any free democracy can stay in office as long as M7 has in Uganda without manipulating the system, even if its Hugo Chavez!

Innovation refers to the use of a better and, as a result, novel idea or method of solving problems. M7's overextended stay in power is stifling and withering these basic fundamental tenets of our democracy.

Synergy is the state in which two or more individuals interact together in a particularly fruitful way that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual efforts. Expressed another way: "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Uganda needs the use of all its leadership talent capacity; But for the past 27 years, that capacity has amazingly been monoplized by only one man!

The harnessing of all Uganda's leadership talent capacity would provide the country a far better outcome than we have had under the 27 years of M7's overextended rule!

Open innovation is the idea that governments and organizations should make use of external ideas and technologies rather than merely rely on thier own devices alone.

We need to turn our nation into an ecosystem of innovativation that harnesses the full capacity of our leadership talent potential rather than the redundant stagnant status quo of anachronistic and paternalistic ideology of one man rule.

The underpining of open innovtion is the idea of abundancy. We live in a world of abundant diversity when it comes to leadership talent, knowledge and skills that needs to be given a chance to flourish rather than wither under the thumb of one man rule.

One of CNN's most distinguished reporters, Fareed Zakaria, a best selling author, Harvard and Yale educated, with a Phd; almost always ends up talking about the value of innovation and how its integral to vibrant successful democracies.

We are short changing ourselves by following only one man. Its blissful ignorance to follow only one man in todays information age!

Uganda needs the leverage of all its talented leaders, their innovation & creativity to reach its fullest potential.

President Kagame recently said something that undescores this point:

People say that I should stay because there is no one to replace me,” he said. “But if in all these years I have been unable to mentor a successor or successors that should be the reason I should not continue as president. It means that I have not created capacity for a post-me Rwanda. I see this as a personal failure

If the majority of Ugandans stubbornly cling to M7's one man rule ideology, then, the nation's innovative capacity will not be optimized!

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