Monday, May 06, 2013

Dr. Bukenya deserves a Chance!

It takes courage for such a senior and staunch follower of M7 to break ranks with the status quo! Bukenya's action, by itself says volumes about this man.


So is former president Bill Clinton! Even Obama himself, smoked pot in his youth!

If Bukenya is given a chance he is more likely to bring along other NRM stalwarts that will otherwise hang with M7.

Baganda are once again throwing another of their own under the bus for the sake of petty grudges and political expediency as they did with the late Ben Kiwanuka.

Bukenya is the best among Uganda's bad choices at the moment. He is the most viable with all his years as vice president, which will make it more likely for him to break the paradigm of M7's hegemony than any of the other choices; if Ugandans can unite behind him.

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