Friday, May 10, 2013

Bukenya May be God's Saint Paul to Uganda!

Uganda is caught up in a perpetual paternalistic political quagmire, in which there is really no innocent political choice. And we are all responsible for it in one way or another. Ugandans can demonize Dr. Bukenya as many are doing so far but that's a sure guarantee that M7 will win in 2016; or they can coalesce behind the most expierinced but less than perfect Bukenya that may actually turn out to be God's Apostle Paul to Uganda's sane political future.

And here is why:

Paul the Apostle is generally considered one of the most important figures of the Apostolic Age and one of the greatest religious leaders of all time without whom, Christianity would not be what it is today.

And yet, before his conversion, Paul, then known as Saul, was a "zealous" Pharisee who "intensely persecuted" the followers of Jesus.

The Conversion of Paul, in spite of his attempts to completely eradicate Christianity, is seen as evidence of the power of Divine Grace, with "no fall so deep that grace cannot descend to it and no height so lofty that grace cannot lift the sinner to it. It also demonstrates God's power to use everything, even the hostile persecutor, to achieve the divine purpose.

The best antidote to M7's overextended incumbency advantage is someone whose experience in leadership office M7 will be had pressed to malign!

Paul the Apostle

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