Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Best Narrative of M7's Autocracy in Uganda

Click here to read this book's author's introduction If every Ugandan read this book, M7's perversion of our democracy would be ended. Its similar to but more detailed than Dr. Kobusingye's book, "The correct Line? Uganda Under Museveni", both of which came out at about the same time, but successfully dismissed and ignored by M7's government just a few months before last year's elections. Ugandans have plenty of time now to read and digest the critical information in these books and see in clear perspective the avoidable cliff M7's overextended rule is taking our democracy! In 2009, a documentary about Mubarak's Egypt was broadcast by the BBC world service about the effects of Mubarak's overextended stay in power was having on the country's democracy and Mubarak and his government dismissed and ignored it. Two years later Mubarak's government imploded. Its doubtful M7's overextended stay in power is immune to the realities of a modern informed democracy!

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