Monday, July 06, 2009

Mubarak's Egypt

A Nuanced version of M7's Uganda!

BBC World Service

" The Egyptian government doesn't want to appear like a military regime, although, for all intents and purposes, it is"
" The president and his inner circle have made themselves as secure as possible, protected from any threat; stifling any hope for peaceful change in the name of stability"
"An almost pathological fear of political rivalry has landed Egypt in a deadlock. The only political changes possible are those choreographed by the president himself. After twenty eight years in power, the only person that has been allowed to play a significant role next to Mubaraka, is his son, Gamal. This has prompted fears of a dynastic succession, dressed up as a democratic election."

Mubarak's Egypt: BBC World Service

" The countryside is bursting at the seams with the desperate and the poor."
" A countryside scarred by ugly apartment blocks. Testimony that has blighted Egypt, in spite of its disciplined military leadership."
"The rate of desperation far exceeds that of Mubarak's economic growth.

The aftermaths of one man rule ideologies! Click here to listen to the BBC original Documentary: June 22nd 2009

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