Saturday, July 18, 2009

Diversity and Leadership' 2011

February 2011, is going to be a watershed presidential election period in Uganda!

One of the greatest challenges for the country is whether Uganda is going to continue with M7's ubiquitous big man rule or will the fractured opposition garner enough votes to usher in a new era of diversity in leadership for the first time in twenty three years since M7 came to power?
The opposition has some house cleaning of its own between now and election day, 2011. If they cannot put together a strong enough coalition, in effect not using diversity to their advantage, they are more likely to loose to the entrenched M7's NRM government.
From Obama's admonition in his speech to the Ghana parliament, to all the empirical evidence, its clear diversity in leadership is the way to go forward.
We could take a page from the American ever resilient self renewal and vote for change or settle for the comfort zone of M7's over extended and redundant big man rule, for another five years.
If the white majority in the USA had not realized the synergy of diversity in leadership, Obama's election would not have been possible. Synergy: is a familiar word and yet not so easy to define. It's more than two or more people getting along and benefiting one another. It's when the combination of energies, resources, talents and efforts equals more than the sum of the parts- when 1+1=2 (or even more).
Diversity in leadership as in organizations is about empowering people and promoting the best in their differences. Diversity enables a nation to capitalize on the strength of all its leadership talents and ability; and not just one ubiquitous big man.
The 2011 presidential elections are going to be a defining battle between those that adhere to the relative comfort zone of just one big man rule and those that reject its premise and the harm it is doing to our fledgling democracy

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