Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Value of Dr. Otunnu's Message to Ugandans!

Inspite of his detractors, Dr. Otunnu's Message to the people of Uganda is a timely and most eloquent voice in Uganda's relentless struggle against one man rule. It encapuslates the very core of the issues that every opposition leader in Uganda should be articulating in no uncertain terms, at every opportunity, in the run up to the 2011 elections.

This message is bound to singlehandedly change the course of Uganda's fledgeling democratic process in the oppositions favour!

In the realem of democratic and civil rights struggles, Dr Otunnu's message ranks right up there with history's other notable orators: like Dr. King's Letter from a Birmingham jail, I have a Dream, and Obama's speech on Race.

Dr. Otunnu's message will go down as the most significant rethoric against one man rule in Uganda's history!

Otunnu's opponents, let alone, M7 himself, could detract little from so solid an argument!

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1 comment:

ForGodandmyAfrica said...

Dr. Otunnu has raised our political rhetoric to a new level!