Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Reality Check on M7's Campaign Rhetoric!

Museveni, addressing a crowd at Kololo airstrip | Newvision, Mon. 25th Oct. 2010

Corruption and the country's rapid population growth risk hindering economic growth

M7's Campaign Rhetoric:

Museveni said NRM’s achievements are not only recognised in Uganda, but across the world.

Reality Check:

"Uganda is not as oppressive as Rwanda and is not implicated to the same extent in the bloodletting in neighbouring Congo. But it cannot boast the same success. Peace is holding in troubled north of the country, but the economy there remains in a pitiful state."

"Indeed, judged by his original promises when he came to power in 1986, Mr Museveni has performed dismally. Democracy has increasingly been corroded by militarism and jawing about a liberation struggle most Ugandans are too young to remember. Achievements in macroeconomic policy have been offset by favouritism and corruption." - The

M7's Campaign Rhetoric:

“NRM has liberated Uganda from dictators and has brought peace to the country. Our economy is self-reliant as we can work on development programmes without depending on foreign loans and grants.

Reality Check:

Musevni's Government is a "Hybrid regime": "Hybrid regimes are fraught with contradictions. Their leaders adopt the trappings of democracy, yet they pervert democracy - sometimes through patronage and largess, other times through violence and repression - for the sole purpose of remaining in power." - Aili Mari Tripp

***Foreign aid still contributes 30 percent of Uganda's annual budget! It a false claim for M7 to say our economy is self-reliant!

Germany has extended a USD207 million grant to Uganda

How the UK government is supporting the country

United States aid to Uganda

M7's Campaign Rhetoric:

“It is us who have liberated Uganda from those problems, who deserve to be entrusted with the leadership of the country,” he said amidst ululations from supporters.

Reality Check:

Many other noble Ugandans including Dr. Besigye, Major Muntu and others that passed away fought in the liberation struggle with M7!

M7's Campaign Rhetoric:

Museveni dismissed his competitors in the 2011 presidential race asking him to relinquish power, saying they are underachievers with nothing to offer.

Reality Check:

Museveni overextended his stay in power by cajoling members of his ruling party into voting to scrap term limits for president, rigging elections, and intimidating opponents and voters. During the past 25 years, none of his opponents have had a chance to govern. How can he now call them underachievers?

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