Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Rise of Bobi Wine

What distinguishes Bobi Wine from other Ugandan opposition leaders, especially in response to M7's latest petulant and dismissive missive, is that Bobi Wine consciously but respectfully and directly confronted M7 point by point in his own unequivocal missive.

Bobi Wine's letter will live to hunt not only M7's consciousness, but Ugandans of good conscience, like the late American civil rights leader, Dr. King's letter from Birmingham jail.

And if that is not impressive enough, listen to his BBC interview!

Already as we speak, Bobi Wine's letter vs M7's are not only the subject of discussion on social media and local talk shows, but also, are being enacted in a Luganda parody on a YouTube video that's bound to go viral!

Bobi Wine also has all the attributes Andrew Mwenda points out in his 10 July 2027 Op-Ed, which the opposition can dismiss at their own peril:

"The best strategy for Museveni’s critics is to differentiate themselves from him. If his coalition is old, theirs must be young. If he is forceful, they must be persuasive. If he is corrupt, they must be honest. If he is intolerant, they must be accommodating. Where he is incompetent, they must exhibit effectiveness. Since he has a warrior brand, theirs must be a re-conciliatory brand." Andrew Mwenda

If Bobi Wine is wise, he would sit back now and just carry out his parliamentary duties as best as he can, and let his viral letter speak for itself!

For the ardent Besigye supporters who may feel like Bobi Wine's rise is a besmirch to all the sacrifices and efforts of Dr. Besigye, think of America's Obama's rise to the presidency of the USA.

There were many other worthwhile African American leaders before Obama that paved his path to the highest and most powerful job in the world.

Obama's rise and success did not diminish all those gallant African American leader's contributions!

Dr. Besigye acknowledged this reality himself, at the funeral service of the late Democratic Party president, Mr. John Ssebaana Kizito.

It's also time for Uganda's diaspora to take a keen interest and financial support for Uganda's fledgling rising star in Uganda's struggle for real diversity in leadership.

We can't be enjoying the liberty and freedoms the diaspora offers us while our brothers and sisters wallow in the 30 plus year quagmire of one man rule!

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