Thursday, August 16, 2012

Olympic Gold medal Relativism!

Museveni gave Kiprotich an $.80, 483 largess & called him a real member of his NRM political party! What would Uganda do if it won 46 gold olympic medals? If Uganda devoted as much attention & money as they are devoting to Kiprotich's gold medal win, it would mitigate the country's dilapidated infrastructure, education & health care system. The USA had 46 gold medals and yet the USA government has not convened a special session of congress in honor of their gold medalists! This does not mean the USA cares less for its gold medalists, their fiscal spending priorities are just different. Kiprotich deserves a special recognition but what he is getting so far is way overboard! What if Mr. Kiprotich was allowed to study sports medicine, physical education or nutrition with free room and board at Makerere university, and if he did well send him for further studies abroad! The government could also start recognizing our brightest in science & technology with the same zeal & enthusiasm & offer them phd scholarships to MIT, Harvard, Cambridge or Oxford! Private industry generously supports and sponsors the best performing athletes in the west, Uganda's private industry can do the same and save the taxpayers from this unnecessary fiscal spending.

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