Friday, May 18, 2012

M7's bigotry is killing Uganda's leadership talent potential!

Uganda is a country endowed with imaginative, creative and innovative citizens with just as much or better than extraordinary leadership talents that the country hasn't realized for more than 25 years now, because of the single minded dominant rule of one man; Museveni Kaguta, who conveniently oversaw the changing of the country's constitution to favor his overextended stay in power. The idea of overextended stay in power is anachronistic simply because no single leader holds a monopoly of good ideas or talent. The more diversity in leadership a country has the better for the country. Its called synergy; and its an idea that one man rule ideologues in Uganda have yet to grasp. Its a myth that M7 is the only leader that could have lead Uganda best for the past 25 years. Its time for Ugandans to wake up and galvanize to shatter this fictitious idea of M7's leadership invincibility and unequivocally prove to the world that Uganda can go on without the scourge of one man rule!

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