Friday, October 21, 2011

M7's Attrition war!

M7 has so far, successfully played a war of attrition and the oppositions reluctancy to use the judicial process simply places the opposition in a position exactly where M7 wants them to be! Stuck, like deers under headlights in the dark, not exactly sure which way to go.

The only best choice for them is the " interest-based negotiation"; but so far they're stuck in their fixed win or lose bargaining position, which the govt is taking full advantage of with it's attrition approach.

With all the instruments of power and time, M7 has the leverage advantage.

It's very unlikely the Arab spring could happen in Uganda because most of the population is largely rural uniformed peasants whom M7 copouts with largesses! With the security forces still behind him, it's advantage M7 at this point and M7 is hopping his attrition war wears out his opponents!

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