Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mr. Young's advice for Uganda's opposition!

I like your suggestions Mr. Young, but you cannot dismiss the EU observer team conclusion that:

" the electoral process was marred by avoidable administrative and logistical failures which led to an unacceptable number of Ugandan citizens being disenfranchised. Furthermore, the power of incumbency was exercised to such an extent as to compromise severely the level playing field between the competing candidates and political parties.

First, we need some real fundamental  changes in the electoral process & restore term limits.

Second, even if the opposition applied all of your ideas, M7's entrenched culture of clientelistic networks that is well documented in  Professor Aili Mari Tripp's book  leaves the opposition at such a disadvantage in Uganda much as it did in a nuanced way in Egypt for Mubarak or any other despot.

Third  the electoral commission & it's chairman should be under the control of all stake holders and not the whims of the president.

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