Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Axis of Paternalism in Uganda's Politics

The culture of paternalism has saddled our fledgling democracy with the overextended rule of one man that renders our country to an innovation and synergy deficit from complementary leadership diversity.

This axis stifles individual leadership initiative talent and the collective guts to challenge the scourge of one size fits all type of leadership on our democracy.
Instead of inspiring individual initiative talents, it encourages acquiescence, sycophancy, corruption and nepotism.

In any other developed and dynamic democracy, M7, would have been history by the end of his second five year term. Its preposterous that, for more than 20 years now, in a country with over 30 million, not withstanding the large percentage of our gullible peasant population, only one man has the ability and talent to govern Uganda!

We are not putting our abundant diversity of able and talented leadership pool to optimal use. No wonder our hospital and schools are in such decrepit state. Not to mention the rampant corruption and nepotism.

Uganda's best days lie in optimizing our abundant leadership diversity potential rather than capitulating to the anachronism of the paternalistic axis of one man rule.

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