Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For the diehard M7 cohorts!

Lets remind the NRM of thier leader's rhetoric:

"No African head of state should be in power for more than 10 years," declared President Yoweri Museveni in 1986. He is still president and wants to continue being president after a whopping 24 years in office!

Its time to hold M7 accountable to his own rhetoric!

Its time we make leadership open and equal to every able and capable Ugandan, instead of having a system that favors only Museveni!

Its time to remind the country of the rampant corruption and nepotism, the continuing high unemployment and disparity between the rich and poor that continue to prevail under M7's rule!

The lavish spending by state house!

The rigged elections!

The security intimidation of citizens!

The trumped up charges against Dr. Besigye!

The September 2009 deadly riots in Kampala!

Its time for Museveni to give other capable Ugandans a chance to lead our country and let Uganda live up to the true meaning of its fledgeling democracy!

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