Saturday, October 17, 2009

Colonialism Ended, so Should, One Man Rule!

... "Internal colonialism" President Museveni's over extended stay in power exemplifies the kind of contemptuous arrogance this select hegemony, resolved to remain in perpetual power, while dismissing the value and contribution diversity in leadership can bring in to our nation.

Colonialism was the control by one power over a dependent area or people. One man rule ideology is a new form of colonialism and should End! The subjugation of a people by one man that changed the constitution to extend his stay in power is undemocratic!

There is no excuse for over extended one man rule in a democracy!

The struggle to end over extended one man rule is as noble as the struggle that ended colonialism!

Uganda's capacity for leadership talent & ability is far greater than M7 would have his cajoled majority peasants believe; and its foolhardy, not to capitalize on that potential!

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