Monday, June 29, 2009

The Perils of Over Extended Stay in Power

Climbing Vine!

Museveni's over extended rule in uganda is like a vine in a forest trying to choke new leadership talent and ability that could otherwise do a job just as well or better than president Museveni.

Vines are climbing plants that use other plants, rocks or walls for support, in order for them to reach sunlight for energy. In the process they rob their support of sunlight.
Extrapolate this to what M7's rule has done to the opposition in Uganda and you will understand the vine analogy! Because he fought and won the bush war, M7 and his cohorts defiantly believe the fruits of leadership in Uganda are indefinitely theirs!

Together with the sycophants in his government that fail to speak out for fear of loosing their jobs, Museveni is able to maintain a workable harmony of mediocrity that stifles our country's ability to reach its fullest potential.
Over extended stay in power is symptomatic of a dysfunctional democracy!
No single human being is that good, to stay in power more than twenty years! Its an aberration!
One man rule ideology is redundant and outdated. The country needs to embrace the untapped potential benefits that come with diversity of new leadership and new ideas and ways of running a country.

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Hudu said...

Museveni’s critics are missing a point especially when they confine their criticism on his over stay in power. For example, the former President of Tanzania, the late Mwaliimu Julius Kambarange Nyerere ruled for nearly 3 decades; when he left the Presidency, Did Tanzania collapse?
Nyerere once said, “A person is young for as long as his ideas are vibrant and have value to the community” In the same spirit, I have no problem with anybody assessing and challenging Museveni’s ideas and debating the existence and strength of systems and institutions but vehemently disagree with anybody just dwelling on an individuals’ stay in power. The question of individuals was solved long ago by the National Constitution.
It’s true with overwhelming evidence that Museveni is a person with rare qualities in him otherwise, how would he have stabilized the country for now about a quarter a century? In the first place, it’s not easy to initiate and lead a successful struggle like Museveni did moreover beginning from “grass” given the circumstances Uganda was in by then with a rich Obote and his group leave alone having large Army even though it was very disorganized.
Museveni’s critics do not understand the person of Museveni. We are now counting about 20 rebel groups since 1986 all unsuccessful because of the level of organization in the Army and the country in general. Even Joseph Kony who had backing from some rich countries, we are now finally sure that he is a gone case. If Kony found the disorganized Obote whose main problem was the “bottle”, Kampala was not going to survive him.
In 1983, the World Bank President Robert Mc Namara while addressing the Board of Governors of the Bank said “Even if the growth rate of poor countries double, only seven would close the gap with rich nations in 100years and only nine would reach the same level with USA in 1000years” most of the criticism we put against Museveni is out of fiction. Even if you brought a saint to rule Uganda, he will not make Uganda America in 23years.
Out of the four stages of Democracy namely; Autocratic, Semi autocratic, Democratizers and Consolidating Democracies, Uganda is at the 3rd stage. Institutions are in place but they need time to grow and no one has the magic to make this happen just in a short time. “When you decide to move faster than your shadow, you might get an accident”! The rate at which we are moving is generally what we can afford as a country. I understand there are areas in which We need to improve but there is no cause for alarm. Our problems are solvable and the NRM government will solve them and has already solved some. In the book of Animal Farm, animals complained about man for taking the cows’ milk but even after the overthrow of man and animals remained alone still the cows’ milk disappeared! It is one thing to acquire Power and it is completely another you do with it. Ugandans will have risked and sacrificed this country if they hand it to this reckless opposition.
All our Political Parties are still weak. The Politics of Patronage is still a very big problem in all the political parties. Politicians still mislead people by treating issues of common good with biased partisan politics because of a poor Political mindset mainly caused by our bad political history of unpatriotic propaganda and practices. Therefore, the initiative to teach patriotism is the “donation” of the year God has made to us through our own called Yoweri Museveni. We cannot afford to continue to have Political Parties which depend on Newspapers for information without a sound Research Human Resource. The fund for Political Parties from Government should assist parties to strengthen themselves and be able to deliver better and above petty issues so that our country moves faster. This is the Vision of the President.
Hudu Hussein, Tetea Uganda Limited.

ForGodandmyAfrica said...

President Museveni could do what what President Nyerere realized: one man rule does not serve the country's best interest. Nyerere, therefore, stepped aside and oversaw a peaceful transition of leadership. He set an example consecutive Tanzanian leaders have followed.
Nyerere's bad economic policies were eventually reversed for crying out loud!
The idea that M7 is the only man that can govern Uganda after more than twenty years in office is ludicrous, redundant, outdated and very selfish of M7.
Let president Museveni be a real leader, like Mandela, Moi, Kaunda and Nyerere, and step aside and over see a peaceful transition of leadership for the first time in Uganda's history. Friend and foe will respect him for it, and his legacy will not be just that of another African autocrat.
The country will not collapse because M7 has stepped aside!

ForGodandmyAfrica said...

"Diverse input makes for better output!"